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Default Re: The Official Ant-Man News and Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by chamber-music View Post
Simon Pegg tweeted that Ant-Man was Edgar's next movie while they were filming the worlds end and with all the prep Edgar has already done I think its possible they might film summer or fall of this year and then spend late 2013/ early in post-production as Ant-Man is going to be an effects heavy film.
I mean, that would make sense if the release date was November 2014 (which many of us were hoping for in the first place). But with a release date of November 2015, what's the hurry? And why does the movie need to have nearly two years of post-production? I also just have huge doubts that this film would be in production before Guardians of the Galaxy AND the Avengers sequel, two very crucial movies that they need to get right. (In fact, I feel like they're behind on GOTG.) And I mean, what prep has Wright done? There hasn't been any casting done, and just last summer they said they were still trying to get the script right.

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