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Default Re: How Long Was Bruce Wayne Actually Batman in this Trilogy?

Originally Posted by BlueLightning View Post
Well I didn't saw it hinted towards it, because I already saw that confrontation. Still, we saw that in TDK.
Scarecrow becoming a drug dealer and Batman saying "Don't let me catch you out here again". Again is the keyword there, Batman never caught Scarecrow out there before.

For example, I don't think a montage of various Batman villains being taken down in that time span would have been worthy. Many of the rogues in the gallery deserve more screentime than just that. My point being is that the feeling would have been similar to TDK, not because the villians are similar, but the format is.
Who said anything about a montage? That's not hinting. That is outright showing.

That's seems just a little arbitrarly, because most of us know that the Joker doesn't have a past per se.
Batman has as many "pasts" as Joker.

Those little tidbits helped to strenghtend that notion and were true to the character.
And hinting towards further characters would have been true to those characters and strengthened the notion of a universe based on Batman's mythology.

Also, we are talking about characters, not events.
What defines characters?

On a greater canvas like films, I for one would have wanted to see more rogues on the loose. But as I said, the feeling would be similar, and the storytelling would be rehashing the format. Would they be great movies? Of course! But were they necessary to tell the story? Perhaps not.
I'm not asking for more films. I said let the audience use their imagination. Hint towards it, and let the audience imagine what happened. Then it is the best for everyone.

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