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Default Re: Batman reboot: Should it be based on realism, dark imagination, or silliness

Originally Posted by BlueLightning View Post
Why? I don't really understand this. It is not a new idea, watch Mask of the Phantasm for example. Along with the graveyard scene, Bruce expresses a desire for happiness.

Maybe after this is settled... Maybe then...

I'm sure they'd have wanted you to be happy.

With an ending tale like Rises, it works. In my personal opinion, on a meta level, the character deserved it.
Yeah I have to disgree with you there. If Bruce had any kind of character arc in MOTP, it was learning that he can never truly be happy. I agree that Bruce would like nothing more to be happy, the problem is in the long run he can't be. Say him and Andrea ever had settled down together and gave up being Batman, how many more of those "omens" like the bats coming out of the cave and the lighting flashing when he was at his parents grave, would Bruce have seen, thinking that it was his parents telling him from the beyond the grave that he's failing to fulfill his promise to them. How many times would he'd have seen the Joker terrorizing the Gotham and being able to do nothing about, thus failing in his personal oath to never let what happened to him never happened to anyone else ever again.

So yes, Bruce is capable and even wants happiness, but he can't allowed himself to be because Batman was born out of pain, misery, and horror, these are the things that give him his drive and his will, anything else makes him incapable of being Batman and unable to stop Gotham from falling into chaos.

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