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Default Re: Kick Ass 2 announcement coming soon

Originally Posted by JP View Post
Where are you from? Kick-Ass got a hard R rating in the states, so it definitely wasn't a "teen film" here.

Glad you liked it, and lord, you reviving this thread reminded me of THIS film. I had completely forgotten about its existence. Shouldn't we be be getting a trailer soon?
I live in the US, but like I said before, I had very little exposure to the film before I actually watched it. I suppose this is why the violence was so shocking to me. Hit Girl also sounded like a cute name for female superhero, but I never connected it with the actual meaning it took on in the film and comics, lol.

A trailer for the new film would be awesome. I'm kind of glad I haven't been sitting around for the last 2 plus years waiting for the sequel to come out.

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I love this shot.

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