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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

I have a question for everyone regarding the Thor/Algrim fight. (When Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje's casting was first announced, it was mentioned he would play both Algrim and Kurse. So I assume he will fight Thor in both forms.)

Do you think it will be as short as it was in the books? Or will it be longer? Frankly, I was really surprised at how short the Thor/Algrim fight was in the books.

If you expect it to be longer, what sorts of attacks/craters/knockbacks/avalanches, etc. do you expect them to add?

I'll type it up here in its entirety so you have it as reference. I wasn't able to find any panels to post. But if someone has access to some, I am referencing (Vol. 1), Issue #347 around pages 16 and 18.

Thor is running down the corridor and runs past Algrim standing in shadow. Algrim comes out and hits him two fists to the back, sending Thor sprawling and dropping Mjolnir.
(And Algrim is *huge*!)
Algrim: A single blow has rendered him helpless. Now I shall administer the coup de grace. . . . And forever will the legends sing of the glory of Algrim the Strong, who slew the Mighty Thor!
Algrim grabs Thor by the right forearm and the right knee (I think) and flings him over his head.
Algrim: How the Dark Elves shall sing of this moment in ages hence! My name shall strike fear into the hearts of Asgardians everywhere!
Thor: Braggart! Only thy treacherous blow from behind enabled thee to fell the son of Odin! Thy strength is *nothing* compared to that of Ulik the Troll! And it is *less* than nothing to *me*!
Thor manages to free his right arm somehow and clocks Algrim from above.
Algrim: ARRGH!
Malekith: Excellent! Our illusion has served its purpose! Guardsman, open the pitfall!
Guardsman: But--what of Algrim!
Malekith: Let him lie in glory forever with the Mighty Thor! Spring the trap!
The guardsman pushes the giant lever.
Thor: What now? The floor gives way beneath my feet to reveal a yawning chasm that seemingly has no end!
Thor struggles with his footing.
Narrator: And with a thundrous [sic] roar, the entire tunnel collapses, carrying Thor and his erstwhile foe out of the sight of men. . . perhaps forever!
We see only Algrim's hand and a bit of Thor's red cape.
In the next issue, Thor realizes he is falling toward a pool of magma. He calls Mjolnir to him and escapes by flying back up to the corridor.

The story moves on to Surtur's invasion--we don't see anything of Kurse at this time. So that's all there is.

(As a footnote, I'll add that later in #348 Thor fights Malekith with a ferocity that seems similar to what we saw in the University of Greenwich footage.)

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