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Originally Posted by Raoul Duke View Post
thanos without any of his tech or thingy bobs is just below skyfather but way above a herald or someone like thor. his real trait is his durability though. he can take planet destroying blasts to the face from point blank range and basically just laugh it off. he fought odin before, odin won, but the fact that thanos actually made old one eye work for it was impressive. parts of asgard were being destroyed because of all the energy thanos and odin were putting out.

he's basically reed richards, victor von doom, thor, hulk and silver surfer all rolled into one.
My friend put it this way. Doctor Doom is what most villains want to be. Doom wants to be Thanos.

He's much smarter than reed richards, more powerful than thor easily, stronger than your average hulk, more powerful than surfer, and as durable as a freakin god knows what. Odin was winning the fight, but thanos was ready to go for more when the fight ended. Though Odin was clearly going to be the victor

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