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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

In hindsight, I wish Nolan would have stuck to what was setup in TDK. The acheivements by Dent and the fear of undoing them was seen as monumental by Gordon and Batman at the end of TDK. So much so, Batman was willing to be labelled a cop murderer in order to preserve what Dent had done and also out of the fear of what would happen if the truth was found out. This great secret and coverup that Gordon and Batman felt might tear Gotham apart really turned into a non event in TDKR when it was revealed. With the threat of nuclear extinction in Gotham, who would really care about what Dent had done? And so the noble act that seemed so important at the end of TDK, became nothing more then a checkmark on a checklist of things that had to be revisisted. Bane's or Talia's success in taking over Gotham was pretty much sealed once they blew up the football field and showed the folks of Gotham their nuclear bomb.

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