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Default Re: Plan out the sequels to Amazing Spider-Man

2nd movie - Peter still in high school, on and off dating Gwen.

opens with Spidey beating up on bunch of mob thugs. Rhino enters, Spidey beats him down too but is shocked about this escalation in technology.

Oscorp is shown to be in big legal troubles regarding allegations of connections to the Lizard incident. introduce Osborn who is in bunker mode, fighting off subpoenas, and locking down genetic research to covert levels. plus Norman is dying, he needs a cure fast. He has been testing on human subjects, selling some of them off, such as Rhino, to dominant mob run by Kingpin. others are failures and consigned to further research. but the legal drama is draining Oscorp to the edge of bankruptcy and pushing Osborn to take even bolder steps. it's insinuated that he is in debt to Kingpin now as well, who is very unhappy about his Rhino's beatdown and the visibility it might show on his operations.

Peter and Harry are shown to be friends, Norman takes an immediate interest in Peter and acts to take him under the wing of the Osborn family. pretending to be interested in Peter's intelligence, he offers him a position researching at Oscorp. Gwen, who hasn't worked there since the Lizard, reminds Peter of what happened, but he is too drawn to it because of his own father.

rival mob boss, Tombstone, sees what Kingpin is adding to his armory, and also sees Spider-Man and decides he needs to escalate too. he contacts The Tinker, from his old country, El Salvador, who begins to produce technology to fight back with. they create Electro.

Electro starts a crime wave in New York, and also knocks away at Kingpin's dominance.

Norman finds Peter working alone and has a talk with him, bringing up how valuable his father was to the company. Peter asks him what happened, amongst other things, Norman insinuates that his father wasn't a company man and that he hopes Peter knows better. also insinuates that he somehow knows about Peter's accident with the spider and asks how all that is going. Peter is baffled and tears out of there.

Spidey swings around to blow off steam, ends up butting heads with Electro, to a standstill. he goes to Gwen for relief.

cut to Electro who is running loose in New York, partying, acting crazy.

meanwhile, Kingpin is going heavy on Osborn, who is becoming visibly weakened and desperate. Osborn dives in and injects himself with the latest version of his superhuman serum. he becomes the Goblin, without glider or costume, and like in the Ultimates, destroys the lab, kills the scientists and creates another mess for Oscorp to deal with. runs off in the night. Harry caught wind of something up and brought Peter with him and they see what happens, they are the only surviving witnesses.

Peter chases the Goblin as Spider-Man, they briefly clash, during which the Goblin recognizes him, refers to him as Peter and further tosses out references to Peter's father and how his powers were no accident. they fight across town, until running into Electro's little circus of thuggery going on. Goblin uses it to elude Spider-Man, who stays to battle Electro a second time. Spidey ends up running from the fight because Electro is owning him.

Peter retreats to Gwen and reveals to her what the Goblin has alluded to. he tries to contact Harry who seems to have become unreachable. something in the last fight with Electro triggers Peter to figure out Electro's weakness. Peter goes as Spider-Man to check on Harry and see if he's ok. the Osborn's apartment is entirely vacant. suddenly, Electro is apparently up to something again because of blackouts so Peter goes to fight him. Electro is leading a full on assault on Kingpin's base, Kingpin is calling Norman to get there now and toss in.
anyways, this time, with what Peter's figured out, he is beating Electro, or at least til the Green Goblin shows up, full suit and glider. Goblin gets in the middle and messes it all up, Spidey ends up knocked to the side in a daze, while Goblin focuses on Electro and destroys him, practically kills him. then he turns to Spidey and tosses a couple bombs and screams something about how Peter should really think again about who's side he wants to be on. throws a couple more lazy bombs and hauls off like a maniac.

movie ends with Peter recovering in his room or something with Gwen at school, but bringing home the point that this guy knows who he is, knows where he lives, has the keys to the secret of his parents and Peter flashes back to Captain Stacy's last words and also that Harry is nowhere to be found. and Aunt May is freaking out, absolutely, cuz she must be putting together what the hell is going on. anyways, he breaks down and realizes he needs someone and tells Gwen he loves her and needs her to be with him.

post credits scene - a healthy, very robust Norman Osborn is walking with a scientist guy and a small retinue of guards down a hallway in what we assume is Oscorp. they stop in front of a chamber door. Norman says to the scientist...4. the scientist opens the door and enters a room lined with metal pods with glass siding and windows. we can see there seem to be bodies in them. he walks by three, stops at the fourth, looks up and in the window we see Peter Parker, floating in stasis.

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