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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

About Darcy and the character Ian Boothby (some believe him to be her bf, i'm not sure yet), this is just speculation for now...

What if Ian Boothby actually equals a very basic version of marvel character Ian McNee? Or some combination of McNee & Darcy's bf to introduce the concept of the Sorcerer Supreme for future movies (Darcy/Selvig just think he's a little eccentric at first). A magic shop owner who aspires to be Sorcerer Supreme and could play a small part in the Strange movie. IMO there's no Dr. Strange in this movie...Only references to the title of Sorcerer Supreme, which Darcy's "boyfriend" may mysteriously know about...

He could be hiding his real name, or it's altered because he's not that important other than being interested in Tarot and some of the prophetic nature of Ragnarok.

Or he's in league with Chthon at this point in time, aka "the Other"...

"Ian consulted the First Tarot and found many oddities with the state of magic.

Ian was trapped in the Serpent's Sea and saved by a being appearing to be Oshtur. "Oshtur" asked Ian to gather the Ebon Rose, Darkhold, Sword of Bone, and the Serpent Crown in order to balance magic. Ian traveled through time and space to do so, encountering Morgan Le Fay, Llrya, Ammut, during his quests.

However, he learned that it was Chthon who had asked him to gather the items and attempted to corrupt the other cornerstones with the Darkhold. Chthon was banished, and now Ian must work with Ashake and Oshtur to repair the structure of magic."

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