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Default Re: How Long Was Bruce Wayne Actually Batman in this Trilogy?

Originally Posted by JDonaldD View Post
This is my only major gripe with the trilogy. He was Batman for too short of time. Even if you want to believe BB takes place over three years because it says in some book, there is nothing in the film to suggest it takes this long. The same thing with gap between BB and TDK. Even if you see a "2008" somewhere it does not feel like 3 years after BB. For me, I would have loved to have seen a fourth film that fleshed out the world created by Bats and the escalation of crime created by the Joker. Basically, I wanted a bigger rogues gallery. But that's not necessarily a good reason to tell a story, it's just the fanboy in me. The trilogy is meant to be beginning, middle and end. Unfortunately, the middle period seems a bit too brief and the ending comes a bit early for me personally. Love the trilogy overall though.
Agreed, while I love TDKR I salivate at the potential left hanging after the ending of TDK. I know whatever their original plans were changed when Heath passed but I'd of loved TDKR to of been the forth movie and have another movie be the third to flesh out the lie they built and the lunatics Joker may of inspired. They keep the lie covered up in the third movie and we see it start to see Gordon and Batman suffering and feeling the weight of this pressure. After Batman maybe realizes he's the reason for these lunatics he "retires", only to be forced to come back when the threat of Bane becomes eminent. Then have TDKR play out damn near the same and I'd have a Batman universe that truly feels complete.

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