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Default Re: How Long Was Bruce Wayne Actually Batman in this Trilogy?

I know what you mean Andino but you see, Joker thought Two-Face was really his ace in the hole all the way. He thought he would kill a bunch of people (he did) and all of Gotham would find out. Therefore Batman would still be batman, Dent would be known as the murderer, people would lose hope, freaks would come out of every corner. He also had this idea that because of all that Joker and Batman were destined to battle forever. With a city full of corruption (even more than ever) would allow for Joker to possibly be broken out quicker than imaginable.

All of this sounds like the comics, animation, video games doesn't it? If that was the ending of TDK...meaning Joker's predictions ALL coming true, then your third movie could have went down in similar fashion. BUT Jokers predictions didn't come true because the end of TDK showed Batman & Gordon covering up Dent's murders. People did not lose hope. They painted Batman as the baddie. Joker was locked up within a city that was cleaner & cleaner by the month/year. The corruption went away for the most part. Mainly organized crime. But it seems like the city became pretty ordinary throughout the 8 year gap.

Batman wasn't needed after TDK (or needed much: for those of us who believe the unconfirmed sightings theory) so Joker rots in Arkham. Dent is hailed as a hero until Bane makes his presence felt. And we see a different outcome alltogether.

I think it transitions into TDKR extremely well. If Dark Knights ending was different and the cops came and saw the struggle between Two-Face, Gordons son and Batman, then i would be saying YES!! Joker was right. There should be more freaks, more Batman adventures. But instead Joker is probably gone completely mad because his plan didn't work and Batman disappeared.

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