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Default Re: Was I the only one shocked during the big reveal?

Originally Posted by Doc Samson View Post
Which is exactly why I think a lot of hardcore fans don't like TDKR as much as more general fans do. I've been saying this from the time the movie came out, because it was one of my initial issues with it.

I kept myself away from this site but not before I saw the spy pics of Marion, not to mention Liam Neeson getting spotted on set which only lends credence to who she really was (and further spoiling the Ras cameo in and of itself)

I also read some of the Blake theories, that after some thought, made sense. Obviously we also know what Bane's original purpose was in the comics, so even when that happened it was less of a shock to us then to someone who has no idea who Bane is. Even the fake death is reminiscent of Dark Knight Returns, and something we speculated about months prior.

Going into a movie with all that swirling in your head ultimately just gives everything much less of an impact and also undermines Nolan's "twists" that are his usual MO. Just about every pivotal scene or moment in TDKR is robbed of surprise & suspense if you're any type of hardcore Batman fan.
This happens with all media. Even a show like Breaking Bad. If you discuss it to death in a forum, odds are SOMEBODY is going to nail the basic plot lines. But the beauty of art is in the details, and no matter how hard you try those will always be the Nolan's alone. I don't think they were trying to fool comic lovers (they deliberately used huge ideas from them as influence in each film), they were trying to bring it all together in a more meaningful/thematically relevant and interesting new way.

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