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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing will play a surgical assistant in the upcoming Hollywood film "Iron Man 3", reports. A video released by shows she and co-star Wang Xueqi filming a scene where their characters perform an operation on Iron Man. During the operation, Fan's character assists Dr. Wu while helping with translations between him and Iron Man. In the film...Iron Man flies to China to seek help from Dr. Wu, who can strengthen his abilities to fight the Mandarin.
Well, that rules out Sasha Hammer. And rules out (again) Chen Lu aka Radioactive Man.

I'm fairly positive at this point that Stephanie Szostak will turn out to be a no-name as well --- no Janet Van Dyne, no Justine Hammer....just Some Chick. Remember when we were all trying to figure out which "comic book character" Olivia Munn and Leslie Bibb were going to play in the first two movies, and it turned out they were just no-name bed buddies for Stark.....? Yeah. There's your "mystery role" for Szostak in IM3.


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