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Default Re: Was I the only one shocked during the big reveal?

Originally Posted by Excelsior. View Post
1. Dent's impending transformation is well known to even the most casual of geeks. But his role beyond that (and the shocking fact of his death) was completely unknown.

2. Everybody had a hunch that Rachel would die but the way Nolan kills her off so abruptly definitely shocked people.

3. One may have known subconsciously that Gordon is alive but the transport chase scene does a masterful job of letting you divert your attention thoroughly from Gordon (ironic since he was there the whole time).

It's the execution of those potentially predictable plot points that made The Dark Knight seem fresher than it really was.
Originally Posted by jmc View Post
It's about the journey to those events, Two-Face was a given, the difference is when Harvey turned it sucked because we had an emotional investment in the character. There was no such investment in Talia.

I didn't give a damn about the Tate betrayal either, because Bruce had like 7 minutes of boring screen time with Tate before this. Their sex scene was so random, didn't feel natural, and there was no chemistry to it.

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