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Default Re: Days of Future Lounge

I think they should hint at a Mystique and Azazel connection, not neccesarily on this sequel, but at least on the last one.

They dont need to SHOW Mystique pregnant or both of them having sex, just suggest they have/had something and fans would join the pieces easily.

If this series had more than three movies, I think they could easily adress the issue with more care and screentime, but if they dont want to do it, at least to suggest it.

But to have Mystique and Azazel on the same time period and to avoid the Nightcrawler connection is too big of a stupid decision, I think.

and about Banshee and Havok not confirmed yet, Im not worried, they are under contract, so Fox doesnt need to confirm them at all. They will be there, and in the highly unlikely case they wont, we'll have a x-men team on the 60's in any case, so we dont need to worry.

To drop half of the FC cast on the sequel would be one of the most stupid decisions of superhero franchises, so Im sure Bryan wont do that.

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