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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

I'm thinking they could make him almost Ian McNee, and put a lot of the comedy in the interactions between Darcy and Ian. Even when the two are arguing. In this version he'd be a little bit more attractive although almost a magic geek. Obsessed with David Copperfield etc., stage magic. Then a slightly charged dynamic to their new found relationship develops as real magic appears on the scene.

Someone who relies on illusions and props, but also runs a successful business that sells occult supplies in London (taking a cue from Buffy so that he also sells strange book/artifacts). Maybe he hasn't dreamed of becoming Sorcerer Supreme yet and only heard rumors about the person who trains Strange, and/or Strange, from some of his customers. He'd sort of make a reference to the Sorcerer supreme in a joking way to Selvig & Darcy after Jane leaves Earth. Darcy kind of just rolls her eyes when he brings up the magic talk too much because she's seen things a lot crazier than what he does for a living. He'd be important in a small way to what goes on back on Earth, and how the film is said to start and end there.

He thinks he's a talented magician, knows a few card tricks and sleight of hand. But he's only heard some rumors about the Sorcerer Supreme as a real person/concept. Something passes through his shop that contains "real" power and screws up his clocks/watch. The Other has a lot of strange powers as well and can meet with people within their mind, on astral planes, but can't possess them. I think The Other was visiting each of the people he visited in Avengers on an astral plane... in the way they're defined in the comics.

None of them were actually floating around outside in space... It was a metaphoric construct for a meeting of minds... Which is why we see the serpent in the background... It's part of what Loki brings into his meeting with Chthon from his mind.

When The Other was talking to Loki, and Loki was on earth, neither transported anywhere. That whole conversation took place on an astral plane & inside their minds, in a way, because of the connection to the plane/ability to connect with their minds. Likewise, he may have been speaking to Thanos on an astral plane too, suggesting Thanos has some psychic powers, has his own astral plane, or can be brought into an astral plane like Loki. Surtur exists only in the astral realms at this point. The non-physical, dark matter, hidden side of existence. Hela is trapped far down below in the negative zones between dimensions...

Only beings with some kind of psychic/magic abilities can access astral planes. Characters such as Strange and Chthon. Loki, Malekith, and the more powerful/magical Asgardians as well. Certain beings have been banished from the physical side of existence and have to operate from within the dark, non-physical, side of existence. They operate through characters that have been touched by a power they don't understand or can even appear to magic based characters within their minds. These are beings like Surtur (at this stage because of a past conflict) and the Other. Although the Other has more freedom than Surtur and is playing all sides. Serving multiple villains... because it's this being we have to watch out for... and why he's not given a name yet.

Ian only does Tarot readings for Darcy throughout the movie in addition to owning the magic shop. Darcy kind of bugs him about not having any real powers, but he claims that in the right hands Tarot works.

Ian is stunned to find out Darcy was telling the truth about their extraordinary friend but ends up stuck with Darcy and Selvig as Thor and Jane go off on their own.

They're fooling around with the Tarot back on Earth. Killing time until Selvig figures out what's going on and a way to help Jane & Thor.

Darcy draws the death card in the middle position.... along with the Tower card which normally aren't in play for the method Ian uses, and shouldn't be in the deck. They can't figure out what's happening... she thinks it's sleight of hand and he's setting her up. They try again. She gets the Tower card reversed... It appears directly before the devil card in her spread... whereas numerically it comes after that card. Either way the Tower is seen as another bad omen Darcy doesn't want to believe (they start to think Thor and Jane are in trouble....) The Tarot cards foretell death as the central problem (not necessarily Darcy's death), followed by the inverted Tower card--the mouth of hell, before she pulls the devil card (the Tarot predicting Surtur).

Then Darcy keeps pulling the Tower card, implying something about her fate in this movie that both of them don't understand. They remove it from the deck each time and Ian swears he's not making the cards reappear.

Some basic interpretations of the Tower card(from wiki):

To some, it symbolizes failure, ruin and catastrophe.
  • To others, the Tower represents the paradigms constructed by the ego, the sum total of all schema that the mind constructs to understand the universe. The Tower is struck by lightning when reality does not conform to expectation.
  • Epiphanies, transcendental states of consciousness, and Kundalini experiences[5] may result. In the Triple Goddess Tarot, the card is named "Kundalini Rising".
  • The Tower further symbolizes that moment in trance in which the mind actually changes the direction of the force of attention from alpha condition (pointed mindward) to theta condition (pointed imaginal stageward). A Theta condition (especially in waking versions of theta states) is that moment when information coming into the ego-mind overwhelms external or sensory stimuli, resulting in what might otherwise be called a "vision" or "hallucination."
  • Each card in the Major Arcana is a related to the previous ones. After the self bondage of The Devil, life is self-correcting. Either the querents must make changes in their own lives, or the changes will be made for them.
  • The querent may be holding on to false ideas or pretenses; a new approach to thinking about the problem is needed. The querent is advised to think outside the box. The querent is warned that truth may not oblige schema. It may be time for the querent to re-examine belief structures, ideologies, and paradigms they hold to. The card may also point toward seeking education or higher knowledge.
  • Others believe that the Tower represents dualism, and the smashing of dualism into its component parts, in preparation for renewal that does not come from reified, entrenched concepts. The Ivory Tower as a parallel image comes to mind, with all its good parts and its bad parts.

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