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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
I don't know about all of that but I think based on the fact that apparently Malekith can make a copy of a human in the comics, I am suspicious that he may wind up being a Dark Elf or a Malekith illusion spying on Jane and Erik's research, and possibly manipulating matters so the Dark Elves can invade. but that is total speculation. However it would fit well and more smoothly into the story then having it be kind of a disjointed sidetracking lead in to Dr. Strange the people may not see the benefit of for a long time and doesn't really work with the plot of the current film so well. (at least as far as I can see here) And that's an awful lot of backstory to devote to the character in a movie that is bound to be jam packed, versus, him being simply a minion of Malekith helping his fellow Dark Elves.
I'm thinking that way because the Other very well could be a marvel character who's connected to this guy and Strange.

It seems too coincidental that one of his aliases happens to be Other.
"Chthon inscribed all of his dark knowledge into indestructable parchments which would come to be known as the Darkhold. Chthon then weaved a spell allowing him to escape to a new dimension, leaving the Darkhold behind to serve as a touchstone to his home. "

One of these parchments goes through Ian's shop.
Malekith has another...

I'm just gonna say I'm pretty sure "the Other" is in this movie, and since Thanos isn't, I'm trying to find ways to piece it all together towards the big picture and what the Other can do (kind of touched on in my last posts). The way I see it The Other may or may not be Chthon, who has ties to Strange. The Other is a huge threat if that's who he is and he's been around since the dawn of time, like Surtur. He's got some connections to the magical side of existence. He may be able to appear before any of the villains who possess psychic or magic powers because of the astral projection element. Which is what I believe we see him doing in Avengers when he talks to Loki in the prison of his mind. He may even be able to contact and bridge the gap between Thanos and beings from before the dawn of time, other magic users, or those that are timeless and deal with death.

If you really think about it we have no official explanation yet about what happened to Loki between Thor and Avengers and how he met the Other.

Sometime after Loki fell off the bifrost the Other contacted him, or in some way met Loki and put the scepter in Loki's hand. Thanos and the Other have already reached out to an Asgardian, what's to stop the Other from visiting other beings who have fallen into wormholes or vortexes, or deal with the magical side of existence and backdoors?

Thanos basically used the Other to bridge the gap between him and Loki... He couldn't contact or retrieve Loki from where he went, nor could he enter Asgard. However "The Other" can, and he can still contact Loki where ever he is. From within his mind as he did in Avengers. Although he can't hurt him/be physically present. Alternatively, something else attacks from within Loki.

It is gonna be a jam packed movie, though.
I really think this movie has nothing to worry about in comparison to IM3.
Each are gonna be really big in their own ways..
But the scale of this movie seems much larger, and almost like they want to keep this one a secret more than the others...

I definitely loved reading that speculation, it really could be Malekith operating the Boothby character now that I think about it.

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