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Default Re: Scarlett Johansson is the Black Widow - Part 1

Originally Posted by KingMadness View Post
The fact that your a woman is irrelevant to the fact that you won't give an explanation. You won't give one cause you can't. Being an admin doesn't make your stats any more valid or reliable without evidence of some sort.

I've talked it out with Lee and all this was was a misunderstanding. What I said about Scarlett was correct, but it is the way I said it that was out of line. I must use more appropriate language. I get it now. No need for the mod squad to gang up on me anymore lol.
Actually it is very relevant, and my explanation would have probably been very similar to that of C. Lee...just not given on the thread. And no, it takes 3 or more admin. to be a gang... And to be clear, we don't actually "keep stats" unless you are given infractions for it.... it was more of a figure of speech, and years of modding. : )


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