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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by LokiDionysos View Post
Ian Mcnee...
I think that's making it a bit too much Dr. Strange/Ian Mcnee and not enough Thor, especially if they bring Tarot cards into it. That's an awful lot of time spent on tarot cards and minor characters when they should be exploring Thor's world more (as we have been told will be explored)

Originally Posted by LokiDionysos View Post
I'm thinking that way because the Other very well could be a marvel character who's connected to this guy and Strange.
he may very well be, and he may show up in Thor 2 briefly as a reminder to the audience about Thanos being upset with Loki for his failure. He could even work with Malekith as a go between if he's working with Thanos instead of Surtur here, or if Mistress Death is involved he could appear with her. She could be the shadowy enemy that predates the universe and a force that even Odin the Asgardians can't withstand. (or a combination of Hela and Mistress Death to later be Thanos' object of affection). But that's a pretty BIG maybe. I can certainly see a death figure appearing in Thor 2 with so much war and death likely to be occurring.

However I Think it's much more likely we might see The Other at the end after credits maybe as Loki is confronted by him, and threatened as a cliffhanger to lead in to A2... but that may be all as far as he is involved in Thor 2.

If you really think about it we have no official explanation yet about what happened to Loki between Thor and Avengers and how he met the Other.
I've speculated that Loki may have actually died, and could have met Mistress Death or Hela and then talked his way out of death, impressing her or whatever... (which he's done in comics more than once) and then was brought to Thanos then via Mistress Death or Hela if she winds up being Thanos' object of affection instead (or a combination of the two). That's my current thoughts on that, anyway. LOL

Sometime after Loki fell off the bifrost the Other contacted him, or in some way met Loki and put the scepter in Loki's hand.
note: a 5 fingered pale figure with a very human possibly female looking hand and a different cloak from the Other puts the scepter in Loki's hand.

I definitely loved reading that speculation, it really could be Malekith operating the Boothby character now that I think about it.
I think it fits nicely into what we know will be involved with Thor 2, and what we know to be involved with Malekith and the Dark Elves storyline in the comics. Like the English Cottwalds being a doorway to Svartalfheim in the comics and that instead being Greenwich U, seemingly. Well it makes perfect sense for Malekith to have someone manipulating things so that the portal researchers go specifically there, to open a portal to Svartalfheim so they can attack, doesn't it? Fits perfectly into the story. Far more a coincidental "stretch" if Jane and Erik just happen to go there by accident.

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
(And as another aside, Odin looks in on them later and figures out right away that it's actually Lorelei, and that she has tricked Thor. He's totally down with Thor being involved with a woman who is manipulating him with a potion and lying to him, so long as she's not Midgardian. And he's not going to bother to tell Thor about the lie, either. Thanks, dad!)

Malekith can also change his form (as can his lieutenant, Wormwood) and thus impersonate a particular human. It's not clear that all Dark Elves have this power.
Interesting! Yup. Could actually be Wormwood.

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