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Default Re: How Long Was Bruce Wayne Actually Batman in this Trilogy?

Originally Posted by BlueLightning View Post
No. Because that story would have Blake as the protagonist, and Bruce Wayne journey it's over. It's a thematic thing though, because it is a thread left from TDK where Bruce looks at Harvey Dent as a successor, in a way Batman inspired Dent "Things have improved" says Alfred, but in the end it all goes wrong. Now Blake fulfills this purpose in a different fashion.
I still think it was blowing up the balloon though. Because Batman is still there. Bruce didn't want Batman to become a permanent fixture of Gotham. He wanted to show people that the City didn't belong to the criminals and the corrupt. I feel a better ending would have been a city that didn't need a Batman. Plus, 2-3 lines of extra dialogue doesn't make Bruce's story any less complete.

Depends on what you define tragic, for example being a Gangster/Red Hood who clashes with the Batman and ends up in a chemical bath doesn't equally match to a disgraced comedian with lost family. But in comics and media there are details that fluctuates, but there are milestones that prevail, like the chemical bath for the Joker.
I think being physically deformed is tragic no matter who you are.

I know what you are saying, but I already made my point about how most of these characters don't bring anything of weight for the story they are telling. I don't get this necessity of hinting towards them.
To establish that it was more than just Bruce being Batman for 9 months, that he went above and beyond what any person could. That he willingly put his body through hell every night because he failed Harvey.

For me, 4 months and 9-18 months will always be disappointing.

Yes there is, because this is the story they are telling. You change that, you get a different film. There is a reason for all of that.
Bane could have been switched out for different villains. Talia could have been switched for Nyssa etc. Even still it's not necessary, why not tell a different story? That specific story was not necessary, it was just preferred.

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