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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by LokiDionysos View Post
I'm thinking of ways to tie things together, but it could be as simple as that
You know how there was a little bit of talk about Malekith having some sort of past?
And there's a story behind his face?

It's kind of like that...
the difference being that we know Malekith will be in this for sure. The other stuff is speculation about characters that may not even appear in Thor 2.

As I keep trying to hint, the same things that happened in Malekith's past may be connected to what has trapped Surtur in his present state.
Odin didn't know Malekith was involved, and when he cast a spell to banish all involved to a new dimension he created in the astral side of existence it saw Malekith as only half-responsible. Odin was unaware, and only half of Malekith's existence was sealed away for all eternity. He now has a permanent connection to this astral plane/temporal vortex that Odin created, and Odin doesn't know (he assumes the spell must have taken anyone involved and sealed them away permanently). In my theory Ragnarok already began and Odin put a stop to it, we get to see some of it in flashbacks. But it didn't go down like the myths.
Malekith tried to start it early, so it's only half begun and has yet to play itself out fully.
It's almost like it's inevitable that he'll return and Malekith believes he has to finish starting Ragnarok, but it'll occur on its own so long as Malekith is still tied to physical reality as well. There's a catch, if they just kill him and free his spirit then Surtur is free because of Malekith's past connection to him and to the astral plane. Ragnarok is destined to go forward and there are a number of dark forces now pushing towards it.
I think that it'll be far far more straight forward than that, what you propose will be difficult and timely to show and will probably go over much of the audience's head. I think he fought Odin or Thor at one point and was injured and he's mad about it and that's that.

I also think that the comic that I linked could also be part of the backstory (a variation on it) the comic itself is not canon but it was done to tie in with the films, so that could be an indicator of what direction they may go in for the films. So as an example, it appears that Queen Alfyse dies in that comic, and if the Dark Elves and Malekith are vengeful towards about that, then that could be part of the reason for the attack on Midgard, if it's known Thor has a soft spot for the place (and a certain scientist). OR they could totally rewrite that part and have it be about whoever injured Malekith, but I just think the how and why will be fairly straightforward.

To do so Odin had to banish him to the astral realms after making a pact with some of the other groups that upset the Vanir.
THIS, I have thought maybe some of Odin's making peace with the Frost Giants after their big bid to take over the 9 realms, could have upset some of the other realms that were also attacked, such as the Vanir (if they were particularly hard hit and didn't feel they got enough timely help from the Asgardians). That could certainly create some bad blood, and also that could be where we get different opinions on Loki and Thor as Tom has been quoted as saying. If Loki is seen by at least some realms as a hero for trying to do away with the Frost Giants, and then he's jailed and Thor, previously another big bully in the 9 realms, is to be king, I can see why a war may erupt over that. And that would tie in possibly with Thor needing Loki to negotiate a truce with the Vanir so they can get the Dark Elves back under control.

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