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Default Re: If the Lizard was the villain in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 4...

@henzINNIT - was Lizard rumored to have been a possibility? I'd never read anything definite about it, was it for the 3rd movie, the 4th or both? I'd like to hear more, if you remember anything else.

Raimi's Green Goblin just goes to show how what we might often expect from a certain matchup of director/source material can really end up way off the mark. Looking back at it, if I'd have followed this stuff like I do now, there's no way I'd believe we'd see a Goblin like that. I mean mostly as far as the costume design. I would've expected Raimi to do something a lot more physical and grotesque, like some of the alternate visions we've seen or even a bigger budget version of what the guy who made the "Peter's Web" fan film did. That's more what I would've expected Raimi to turn in.

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