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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

<Odin making a pact that would upset, e.g., the Vanir>
Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
THIS, I have thought maybe some of Odin's making peace with the Frost Giants after their big bid to take over the 9 realms, could have upset some of the other realms that were also attacked, such as the Vanir (if they were particularly hard hit and didn't feel they got enough timely help from the Asgardians). That could certainly create some bad blood, and also that could be where we get different opinions on Loki and Thor as Tom has been quoted as saying. If Loki is seen by at least some realms as a hero for trying to do away with the Frost Giants, and then he's jailed and Thor, previously another big bully in the 9 realms, is to be king, I can see why a war may erupt over that. And that would tie in possibly with Thor needing Loki to negotiate a truce with the Vanir so they can get the Dark Elves back under control.
Well, if Odin's making peace with the Frost Giants is the source of the trouble, it's been simmering for 1,000 Earth years. That seems a bit delayed. So it seems like there would need to be trouble-making in the intervening years to keep the conflict active and eventually cause it to boil over.

I continue to agree that the other realms may not see Thor in as benevolent terms as the audience, Midgard, and Asgard do. I also like the idea that what is good for Asgard is not automatically what is good for all the other realms, even if they are not considered to be "bad guy" realms, as it were.

And I continue to like the idea of needing to negotiate some truces with various parties.

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