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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Whatever is going on back on Earth has to be connected to the overall story.
This seems like the type of movie that might dovetail.

We've heard in one interview or another that the movie starts and ends on Earth.

So, something really important is going on during the Earth scenes, even if it's not revealed that something important is going on until late in the film.
They could briefly cut back to what's going on with these characters back on Earth. Selvig is busy helping with Jane's research that's important for solving everything, and Darcy + Ian are shown in a bunch of comedic scenes at first. Making us think the short scenes back on Earth have no meaning other than comic relief....

I'm picturing the Tarot scene almost in the middle of the movie, no longer than 2 mins in length... Setting up the fact that something is still going on back on Earth, something connected to whatever force is possessing Jane, and it's still operating back on Earth, doing the weird stuff manipulating the cards. And is predicting the future but that's because it's working towards it through Ian and now trying to use Darcy/Selvig.

I'm on the same page that something uses Ian to get to Darcy, and then that helps Malekith open the portal..
I think I've actually been won over now. I think it could simply be Malekith/the dark elves doing a lot of the manipulating/ completely behind the possession.
It could still work the way I described, with Sorcerer supreme references if Malekith knows about Strange and uses the magic shop owner as his disguise on Earth. So basically Ian would have been Malekith's illusion the whole time, and never even owned a shop.

Whatever the case I think something is influencing/controlling/possessing this character and it links in with the force possessing Jane. It moves to Jane first and she shakes it off after she gets to Asgard, but he circles Darcy with this illusion.

Then during the finale we get the reveal about why Earth is important, but I agree there needs to be something directing the characters back on earth towards the end of the movie.

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