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Default Re: Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis

<Kat Dennings talking about filming over Thanksgiving.>
Originally Posted by 04nbod View Post
I read that on the train the other day. Kind of funny how she expects people to just know what Thanksgiving week is though, its a British paper most people have no clue when it is exactly.
I hadn't quite realized she had done that. Yeah, she should have referred to the dates, rather than the event.

As my little public service announcement for the day, in case anyone doesn't know (and wants to know), Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday in November in the U.S. (and the second Monday in October in Canada, I believe.)

<What do they mean when they say Darcy's role will be "expanded"?>
Originally Posted by 04nbod View Post
I think they are going to expand the sisterly relationship between her and Jane. Jane's going to be dealing with pretty emotional stuff in this film, she needs a back up.
I would *love* to see that! I hope they do that. (And I suspect Kat Dennings would enjoy that too, given that she has retweeted at least one of those "Jane and Darcy hanging out as friends" fan art pics) And you're right--Jane will need a friend! (And this film should pass the Bechdel test, too, since its predecessor did!)

I also would be glad if we see something of Darcy's character not directly related to her friendship with Jane. (for example, if she had to accomplish something in the story.)

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