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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 1

The writers had to leave door for Xavier to return after being forced by Tom Rothman to
Kill Xavier.

If they keep Last Stand In cannon that will be their explanation to fans when anyone asks Isn't Xavier suspose to be dead.I seriously doudt It would be reference directly on screen.

Patrick Stewert will still be In wheelchair.I don't see Bryan SInger reference Xavier's death or the cure directly on screen.And It's always possable by end of film what happened In last Stand will be moot point because of time travel.

If they go with alternate timeline choice the only way I can see that happening If DOFP Is seen as pure prequel to trilogy and alternate timeline Is what would happen If event
that sets stage for sentinles Isn't changed and the time travel and preventing event actully help bring the trilogy Into being.That would jibe with Bryan's comments about connecting dots between film.That would make what happened to Xavier,Cyclops,and Jean In Last Stand moot for this film.Of course If they decide they want to do another film In future with original cast beyond another wolverine solo film they still have problems.But,It's possable the long planned stragedy Is to do more prequels to trilogy
with a possable third wolverine solo film and other spinoffs In the more present.

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