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Default Re: How Long Was Bruce Wayne Actually Batman in this Trilogy?

Originally Posted by BlueLightning View Post
At first, I was a little disappointing with the eight year gap and Bruce not being Batman in the interim. But when I watched the movie thought it through it made sense, though is not necessary what everybody wanted. Viewed from a logical stand point, it doesn't make sense that Bruce risks himself as Batman if there is not a good enough reason. It was the consequences of TDK's ending and how they where played that lead to this state like I mentioned before. If, for example, Batman went to stop criminals, Gordon would have been put into a very uncomfortable situation. I don't think Bruce would have wanted this. If however, a threat big enough to require Batman arise, he would had stood up to face it no matter what, and he would be hunted. This happens on TDKR in a similar fashion.

However if we where talking about "not an ending" then we come to an episodic approach, following a similar structure of TDK. It could be done and done great, but I prefer the ending approach, because it works better as the trilogy now has a familiar narrative structure (Beginning, Middle and End). Keep in mind that took almost ten years of Nolan's and his crew lives to do this. I wouldn't have wanted to see a Batman sequel to Nolan films without Nolan.
I just don't see why he had to make it so The Dark Knight was the last time Bruce was Batman. If Robin just said, "8 years ago, the night Dent died, the night Batman started to disappear". Then bam! I could put whatever I wanted there, I have a universe filled with villains. For those who don't want that, it just shows how desperate he was to wear the cowl.

I got into the comics way after the animated series, so I didn't know that Tim Drake was an amalgamation of Drake and Todd. So it didn't bother me much
Same. But in hindsight I just can't help but think how awesome it would have been to see him.

My childhood was a mixed bag. I got the Burton films on T.V., the animated series and every now and then reruns of the 66's series.
I don't know why but seeing Batman Returns as a child ruined it for me. I still don't like it, but at least for better reasons.

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