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Default Re: Scarlett Johansson is the Black Widow - Part 1

Originally Posted by KingMadness View Post
The fact that your a woman is irrelevant to the fact that you won't give an explanation. You won't give one cause you can't. Being an admin doesn't make your stats any more valid or reliable without evidence of some sort.

I've talked it out with Lee and all this was was a misunderstanding. What I said about Scarlett was correct, but it is the way I said it that was out of line. I must use more appropriate language. I get it now. No need for the mod squad to gang up on me anymore lol., it wasn't a misunderstanding. You said rude crude misogynistic things about's just that YOU don't think that talking that way about women is bad. I just hadn't had time to respond in Pm to that ludicrous response you sent me.

Two admins of this site (admins who have helped set the rules and regulations of this site and are charged with enforcing them) have said that you made offensive comments about women (using Scarlette as the brunt of them)...and you say that we are wrong. Kelly is a woman, and says your comments were offensive and derogatory towards women....and you say that she is wrong. So are saying even though we created the rules and enforce them, we don't really understand them as well as you do...and that even though Kelly is a woman, you, a male, have more knowledge of what offends a woman than she does.

Ludicrous indeed.

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