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Default Re: The Season 5 Discussion Thread

Decent episode, I wish Gregor's story had been spread over 3 of the 4 parts instead of all being crammed into one episode of a 4 part arc.

Originally Posted by Dark_Lord View Post
Great stuff, not sure how much was new but that scene of Obi-Wan talking to Force-ghost Qui-Gon was, right?

The end shot of Ahsoka reminds me of Anakin floating through Coruscant after jumping out of the Airspeeder during the chase with Zam in AOTC.

Originally Posted by Marvolo View Post
"Bring back this lost child before it is too late."

That ending is interesting. I wonder if he is referring to Ahsoka or another child. Given that she is avoiding clones and a gunship I'm gonna guess she goes rogue. Not surprised. It's the only way they can have her leave short of dying.

I got to thinking about it, maybe Ahsoka discovers something about Order 66, and what the Chancelor is really up to.
That would be pretty great, I am guessing that is who Anakin is chasing in the other trailer where we see him running through a train.

"Now this life is etched in black but I wont be looking back, the rain washed out the tracks, I'll never find again"
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