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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 1

Prepare to be enlightened, budski.

I'm just saying that, by involving Stewart and McKellen, we can obviously assume there will be the past and future iterations of those characters. That tells us more about the movie than finding out 'such and such' has been cast to play 'Scientist 1'.

Also, I'm not sure if you've actually seen the other X-Movies, but using specifics from the comic to predict what will or won't happen might not be the best move. I mean, from memory, Havok wasn't like 30 years older than his brother Cyclops, Mystique didn't have a backstory with Xavier... Not to mention Cyclops didn't die, Rogue had super strength... then at the extreme end of the spectrum, Wolverine didn't suck and Deadpool didn't have sword arms and laser eyes.

I'm just saying, as far as X-Movies have been concerned (and as far as I am for that matter) it's where the movies stories have deviated from the comics but retained the FEEL that has always had me the most engaged and interested (Dark Phoenix set up and weapon X in X2, Mags and Xavier's friendship in First Class) and that is the case here too. I can't wait to see how they spin and adapt the days of future past.. so any details that allude to that will naturally have me interested too.

Seeing McKellen and Stewart involved not only confirms we will see future version of these characters, but it also alludes to a strong link to the original X trilogy (a link that didn't feel that strong in the original First Class movie).

EDIT: Oh, and we know about robots too now? Seriously, we know more about this film 4 months before filming starts than we did about Avengers like 6 months before the actual film came out. Some fans need to venture outside of the internet bubble and get some perspective.

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