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Default Re: Scarlett Johansson is the Black Widow - Part 1

Hulk works because he's visceral. He's the attack dog of the team, and I think he's earned his spot on the team.

They did hype him up a lot though. But I suspect that was Marvel wanting to redeem the character in the audiences eyes after Ang Lee's psychodrama and Louis Letterier's Ultimates/Bill Bixby attempt.

"The smell was something he was born with. A curse, the smallfolk said. The gods had made him stink so that men would know his soul was rotting. Ramsay’s mother appeared at my gates to demand that I provide a servant for my bastard, who was growing up wild and unruly. I gave her Reek. It was meant to be amusing, but he and Ramsay became inseparable. I do wonder, though... was it Ramsay who corrupted Reek, or Reek Ramsay? ”

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