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Default Re: WHO will be the next announcement? [Round 1]

Originally Posted by Filmboy View Post
Didn't Halle has a feud with Singer on set of X Men?

I remember hearing this rumour about Bryan Singer having a fight with his cast on the set of X2 and Halle says this to Bryan Singer..."Kiss my black........."

I'm not sure if Singer wants Halle back.
Yes Halle did say that and tensions between singer and herself rose on the set of X2. I think he had tensions with a lot of the other cast members on the set of X2. I remember Alan Cumming not enjoying his time on X2. But Singer's confrontation with Halle was the most publicised.

I had thought that they had moved on and settled any disputes between the two of them, at least enough for the two to have a healthy working relationship. But it seems others on here disagree and that Halle and Singer are still at odds with each other and are unwilling to work with each other again.

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