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Default Re: Things that bug you.

It kinda bugs me that we've gone about 10 years without the real Venom now. I love Remender and I think Venom is a solid book (haven't caught up with Bunn's first two issues yet), but I just miss Eddie as the mighty hulking behemoth that was the original Venom. I liked New Ways To Die, but he hasn't been any real sort of a threat since the Marvel Knights arc.

I don't like fans obsessively *****ing about current ASM stories, something that I'll admit I was privy to years back. As far as I can tell we've had it a loooot better for the past 150 issues than we did in a while, even with the recent switch-up.

And I wish we could get some consistency in the art, as in not changing it around every 3 - 4 issues. Nothing irritates me more than when the artist changes mid-story.

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