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Default Re: WHO will be the next announcement? [Round 1]

Messed up? Days of future past Is right up his alley.May not be popular oporion but he's better choice than Matthew Vaughn for It.

Star Trek was suspose to come out December 2008,and Man of steel December 2012.

Trailers should not be used to judge a final film's quality.Exhibit a Is Dark Shadows.Which had terrable trailers.The final film was a hybrid of genres but trailers were made to think a straight comedy spoofs.People who are part of dark Shadows cult following will tell you they lied the final film better than they thought they would by the terrable
trailers.Which by the way Is from same studio Warner Brothers.

Jack the Giant Slayer's box office has no bearing on DOFP.Zack Snyder's last film Sucker Punch bombed,and Watchmen barely made over 100 Million.

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