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Default Re: What was Mark Waid's issues with the 1986 retelling?

When it comes to MOS vs Birthright, I like them both the same amount. Both have something that's better or worse than the other.

The first half of Birthright was really good, and as a response to some who had an issue with Clark traveling the world, why not? It actually makes sense for someone like Clark who has a passion for journalism to gain experience overseas and learn about other cultures. It also made the disguise work than in Byrne's run IMO. I liked Clark and Lois chemistry in this story as well. However I'm not a fan of the art and the second half isn't as good as the first.

Now, while I for the most enjoy Byrne's run on the character, the biggest flaw his run had was fouling up the Legion timeline, he still could've had Clark interact with the Legion without being Superboy, now if for people who say it wouldn't work because Byrne's Clark got his powers at his teens, it worked on both the animated series and Smallville. There were some stuff I had issues like the portrayle of Krypton, Clark as a successful football star in Smallville and not having Clark and Lex know eachother in Smallville, I thought Byrne could've made that last part of Pre-Crisis mythos work. And I'm not a fan of Byrne's Krypton.

But that is outweighed by the stuff I like the Kents being alive, Clark not being overly meek, have Superman start off with less powers, Lex Luthor as a business tycoon, the increased exposure of the Planet staff as well as the rest of the supporting cast

To give credit where credit is due, Byrne's version is an easy origin to digest for a lot of readers and an effective starting point.

In the end, I kind of prefer the first 3 episode premier of the animated series over those 2.

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