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Default Re: Character Battles DOFP

Originally Posted by Filmboy View Post
I think they really need to step up their "A" game on this one with the battle scenes.

Seriously, the Avengers New York battle sequences takes the cake and easily OWNED all the X Men movies battle scenes combined together.

None of the battle scenes from any of the X men movies can match the grand magnitudes and scales of that Avengers Manhattan battle scenes.

That final beach battle scene from First Class is just simply miserable and pales in comparison to the Avengers Manhattan scene.
I couldn't agree more. The first class battle scenes are no way near as good as that of the original trilogy's and even that, like you said, pales in comparison to the Avenger's fight scenes. The closest battle scene the X-Men movies have to the large scope of the Manhattan battle scene in Avengers is X-Men: The Last Stand's Alcatraz battle. Which, imo, is a badly written and poorly directed mess. A huge opportunity was missed to have the X-Men in a huge large scale battle and instead they use that chance to showcase wolverine and beast. Storm and Callisto's battle was okay but way too short and because of the way the scene is edited it makes storm (probably the most powerful on the team) waste her time with callisto. She didn't fight anyone else in that scene.

Don't get me started on how severely underused Colossus and Iceman and even Kitty Pryde was. Beast was really and truly the only X-Man other than Wolverine that shined in that battle. He took out the most enemies after Wolverine.

Days of future past seriously needs to step up its game when it comes to action. Sure we want the character development but we don't want to pay money to JUST go watch the X-Men discuss their personal issues and mutant politics we pay to watch our fav characters kick some butt. The character development is always a highlight. With the addition of Sentinels it means that all the X-Men involved in this movie will need to reach their full potential in battle or they'd be wiped out by the Sentinels. I expect DOFP to raise the bar for the X-Men movies but also for comicbook/superhero movies as a genre. Like Avengers did and the Dark Knight did before it.

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