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Default Re: How Long Was Bruce Wayne Actually Batman in this Trilogy?

As a fanboy i wish i could have seen Riddler, Penguin battle Batman in at least one other movie but the arc was enough for me to say "Hey, im not sure how different those stories would have been happy with what i got".

AND you have the Robin Blake character who takes up the mantle. So with his possible future at fighting criminals, and with a slight opening after TDK (or better yet in between Begins and Dark Knight) at least makes it fine for me. I can imagine things if i want or i can take the trilogy as it was presented to me.

They never made it official that there was 3 months between Begins and TDK and then never said the "confirmed sightings" line, and then never passed the mantle to another character...having Bruce Wayne outed to the public as the batman or something. All those things didn't happen. If they did, i'd be dissapointed. But they left things more open than people like to claim. After begins the Batman could have went on for a year or so. After tdk the Batman could have stayed put or went out reaaal low-key for close to a year and a half until the Dent Act began. And Blake could fight for years as the next guy.

So i'm good.

It's easy to look at it this way. In this interpretation Batman isn't just one man who goes on for a decade or two fighting crime. The Batman belongs to more than one individual and through them...the Batman fights crime for multiple decades. Even if the man Bruce Wayne was only active for a few years.

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