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Default Re: How Long Was Bruce Wayne Actually Batman in this Trilogy?

I didnt like the 8 year gap either. It could have been 2-3 years and worked just as well. Or even 3-4 years. But 8? Thats too long.
Also why didnt we get an explaination as to when or why the new Batcave was built. The Batcave even being there finished doesnt make much sense if he stopped being Batman right after TDK.
You could say that it was finished right at the end of TDK and then he didnt really get the chance to use it because of the 8 year gap. But thats only because thats what Nolan and Goyer wanted. They picked the 8 year gap.
Another thing that bothered me was that Gordon never experienced any fall out from his alliance with Batman. I mean the new commissioner was seen openly interacting with Batman and most of the Police force and Harvey knew he was too. Then shortly after that Batman is outed as a murderer. It doesnt make sense that the people of Gotham wouldnt want Gordons job for this. But even 8 years later he hasnt experienced any repercussions. Remember much of the public sentiment was that they wanted Batman caught and unmasked during most of TDK anyways. Then he is outed as a Murderer too...
Also when did we see this Zsass character? I keep seeing his name mentioned but he was never in any of these 3 movies...

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