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Default Re: How Long Was Bruce Wayne Actually Batman in this Trilogy?

I'm just saying because they provide time spans that work. Here are the quotes from the third episode:

Originally Posted by Gotham Tonight Episode 3
Engel: You bring up a good point. Now what about this case, James? The police say that Dr. Crane is, in fact, dead. The situation with these spiked drugs speaks to a very different situation.

Levine: Well, what we know is that Dr. Jonathan Crane was in fact involved in the Fear Toxin assault on the Narrows 9 months ago.
The episodes are spaced out in intervals of two weeks except for the final one, episode 6. So between the third episode and the sixth episode, five weeks pass. The 6th episode occurs at the same time that the Joker and his goons rob Gotham National Bank.

So that's that.


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