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Default Re: Rank the 3rd CBM's in a franchise.

Spider-Man 3 for me, once upon a time I loathed it but as the years have gone by I have enjoyed it more and more. In fact I would go as far to say as its IMO the best comic book/superhero trilogy we have had so far. With the The Dark Knight Rises and its trilogy not far behind. It helps to have three good movies regardless of the quibbles/problems that usually present itself in the third installments of a franchise for this genre. At least both trilogies had three good films, which also seemingly see to have the second installments being largely considered the best ones.

But after those two what could possibly follow. Well I like Superman Returns despite the hate it usually gets, not the ideal Superman film and unfortunate Singer didn't do X3(which would of probably made X-Men my favorite comic book trilogy) but I do like it as the third installment of the Donner films.

Batman Forever isn't completely awful, Val Kilmer was a good Bruce Wayne if not the best live-action one to date and Jim Carrey was a good choice for the Riddler. Can't say the same for Tommy Lee Jones (who I usually enjoy) and Joel Schumacher. Why couldn't we have gotten a Tim Burton/Michael Keaton trilogy?!

X-Men 3, its a fun popcorn flick and not much else, the equivalent of the second and third Transformers movies. Shut-your-brain-off film. It just feels so out of place in comparison to the first two excellent films. I liked Beast, Ellen Page as Kitty, and the score though.

I don't want even to talk about Superman III....better left forgotten.

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