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Default Re: WHO will be the next announcement? [Round 1]

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
Stop trying to stir it up. That was 10 years ago. Singer was reportedly in pain with a back injury and became very irritable on set.

Directors and actors regularly have arguments. We just don't hear about most of them. Do you think it runs smoothly all the time when all those egos and creative personalities are crammed together in one place for months on end?!

I remember Singer telling a story about how he fell out with the entire cast of Apt Pupil because the scene wasn't coming together how he wanted, and everyone including him stormed off to their trailers.
Yes, most of these tensions don't become public. But when they do, and we have actors commenting on the tension/feud you better believe it must have been very serious. There have also been rumours that Halle did not get along with Famke on X3.

If Famke or Halle are going to be in the film, my guess is they will be announced this month as they both have films coming out this month. Their films will be competing head to head on January 25th. I don't think either film will do well though!

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