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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by spideyboy_1111 View Post
what makes you assume or where have you heard that Janet and Hank are separated... ?? you keep referring to this, but i have absolutely no clue why

and ultron isn't possible without pym... Janet doesn't need to be connected at all.. so just because Jan may appear... doesn't mean ultron will ...
I`ve previously hinted at why. Some could be one of the many plans up for review at one time or another, by focus groups some people I know participated in. I may be purposely picking the things that might not have tested well and may or may not be used. Other times I`m posting actual plans that will very likely come to fruition. I never know anything has gone ahead until I start working backwards. To protect myself + make it all half-accurate I`ve combined things... The funny thing is if Marvel is reading this I`m showing them how we would combine some of the concepts we have access to, based on things that could be set up. My main source is helping me. This person has some slightly different views on things but I often combine our views or represent both.

I`m not directly revealing anything that hasn`t already been theorized in any major way (except for Sterns over in the Thor thread). A lot of these long ass posts will disappear. Sometimes I have to look at just how much I can get away with speculating. I know characters and villains. Pieces of the puzzle.

The good thing is that even when Feige was in control they were surveying people normally involved in these things and they also have their own marvel consultants who coordinate things with the comics and now some parts of Marvel NOW. So some things get exchanged but we`re dealing in concepts. Not absolutes. I have to work backwards to get to absolutes and use clues from the official info they release. However I also have access to some of the basic concepts that will very likely appear.
For example: because cross sections of casual movie fans, hardcore fans, comic fans and random members of focus groups etc have been shown to have a lot of positive reactions to the concept of Ultron, that plan got moved ahead I believe. There`s now quite a lot of talk of him possibly being used in Avengers 2, with Thanos of course. what you have to factor in is nearly everything you need to see in an Avengers trilogy. Because there`s only so much time to display so many villains we may see two main villains in the next Avengers. Certain options are weighed even right down to basic plot ideas. IMO it`s crossed the line into certainty with what they`re coordinating with Age of Ultron. Doesn`t necessarily mean he shows up here. I`m trying to work that into Wasp when maybe i shouldn`t be yet.

There are only certain groups my source ends up in so I can`t be much more specific in this post.

Making my posts long and seem like pure speculation works to my advantage. So i combine all the pieces to show how they could be done and sometimes the actual plans. So that marvel understands if they`re reading this, what I`m doing. And that I`m not giving it all away because half will see it as too much and disregard the true parts.... Some will see that certain parts of it can work, because I`ve actually taken Marvel`s plans and reworded them. A lot of it can work. By no means will it all be combined. That`s my trick to keep myself out of trouble, you have to pay attention to characters I mention more than the theories.

By combining it all and showing how it COULD work I could even be working out problems in the original concepts and getting your feedback to feed to focus groups, slightly influencing the course of events in not these movies but ones further down the line. Meaning you would have a small say in things through my contact... This is honestly the best forum to get feedback and conduct this experiment. I`m curious if marvel reps watch the boards and would take interest in what I`m doing. People here are more logical than on other sites and often do have parts of plots figured out like many did with Avengers last year, then there`s the passer bys like Jordanstine.

When they start coming up with ideas for scripts and fielding some of their changes I might find out more (BP and Strange have already been in the works for a long time, there are definitely scripts). By presenting multiple concepts and even showing how the time travel one might work I`m preserving the secrets in the same way they do--covering up the true scenario or scenario they`re leaning towards somewhere in there. Making this an extension of that process without their permission, and still preserving the secrecy of what they could be looking at--with their own methods.

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