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Default Re: What Superhero movies would you have these directors make?

Originally Posted by gwynplaine View Post
I'd like to see Ang Lee tackle another superhero movie than Hulk.
Any ideas?
I think he's very big on philosophy, and his style of filmmaking (this is no bearing on race) consists of eastern storytelling tropes. I think he'd do really well with Batman.

I actually think Tarantino would do the best with a Daredevil movie. I'd pay to see that, even if he does change stuff around.

Refn I could see with the Punisher.

O'Russell I honestly can see him doing great with a big screen Green Arrow movie. He loves doing political stories with a twist (like with three Kings, his cancelled project Nailed, and his upcoming movie), along with what he's been doing lately is family drama, which even though it isn't in the comics as much it's in the tv show arrow. I think Green Arrow would be the best character for him.

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