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Default Re: What Superhero movies would you have these directors make?

Originally Posted by gwynplaine View Post
After watching Life of Pi for the 2nd time today, I would really love to see Ang Lee, an exceptional director, return to the superhero genre. And I like the Batman idea

Let's make this fun, how about Steven Spielberg?
What Eddie Dean said. Captain America or Superman. They're the too most sentimental heroes.

Oh, what could have been if Spielberg accepted to do Superman back in the 70s.

Originally Posted by Eddie Dean View Post
The obvious choice for Spielberg is Captain Amierca. Or Superman.

Can we do dead directors?

Sam Peckinpah
Akira Kurosawa
Robert Aldrich
Mario Bava
Fritz Lang
Yes dead directors too.

Peckinpah would do an awesome Wolverine
Kurososawa would've also done a great Wolverine
Fritz Lang I can see making X-Men
Bava's pretty obvious: Blade
Aldrich I can see making a Nick Fury and the Commandos movie.

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