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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by LokiDionysos View Post
You`ve got me all wrong and Spideyboy just got the gist of the concept I`m getting at.

They wouldn`t be villains at all.

Well Pym may not want to be a hero until he sees the problem he created come back to haunt him... but that doesn`t make him a villain.

Shield chased them away.

Selvig makes reference to this in the first Thor.

They ended up working for AIM, but only because AIM is operating under the radar right now and so is Jan.

She doesn`t know much about Stark at this point.
She wouldn`t be working against him at all and if they`d went all the way with it she`d be actively searching for him at AIM. As it stands I think she thinks Stark is involved with AIM (which he is) and she knows he`s involved with Shield (who she doesn`t like at this point and almost blames as much as AIM for Pym`s disappearance.

Stark lets her know she can trust them, whoever she is, but she`s not telling.
We have to wait until the end to find out who she is and why she`s interested in AIM.

In the past AIM was even more innocuous seeming, but whatever happened means she`s not actually working with AIM.
More like trying to stop whatever they`re doing with this technology from a different angle Stark doesn`t know about yet.
The idea is to make Wasp as much of a leader as Iron Man and Cap.
She makes her own clothes & superhero costumes that can interact with the pym paticles.
And she chooses her own missions now.
Good god, LokiD, why would Marvel try to create a byzantine plot like that which is (a) too complicated and (b) so far away from canonical Jan --- either 616 or Ultimate --- and then try to attach it to a cameo in a movie that is titled "IRON MAN 3.....?"

Stop trying to overthink these things. People go to Iron Man movies to see Iron Man. Nobody....but nobody....wants to go to an Iron Man sequel and watch some long, drawn-out subplot that involves some chick that the general audience doesn't even know trying to track down clues to the disappearance of her ex who isn't even slated to appear in the MCU until 2015.....???

Again: this is "IRON MAN 3," *not* "Ant-Man: Prologue." some bizarre chance, Szostak does indeed wind up playing Janet Van Dyne, I can almost guarantee you that she'll have no more than 3-5 minutes of screen time, and there'll be nary a hint that she will become The Winsome Wasp at some point in the MCU future, nor even that she's attached to the Ant-Man story at all.

This movie is about Iron Man getting "back to his cave," taking on the terrorist leader known as Mandarin, having the Extremis experiment go horribly wrong, sort out his relationship with Pepper Potts, and deal with his frenemy Col. James Rhodes, who is himself juggling an identity crisis involving War Machine and Iron Patriot.

There is absolutely no place left inside an already jam-packed subplot buffet to try to introduce the Hank and Janet Show in such a bizarre and twisted and bloated manner that would not only confuse the hell out of general audiences, but dedicated Avenger fanboys like myself as well.


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