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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

"Once again I thank all of your for not only showing up here tonight, but for your generous contributions..."

I tune out the mundane speech. This isn't the first of these I've attended. Far, far from it. I know the entire rhetoric from heart. Instead, I turn to my significantly more interesting guest. The only reason I'm able to withstand this level of tedium.

"If I didn't know any better I'd think you were trying to show off, asking me me to come here."

I smile and tip my glass. "Well, I do prefer to multi-task whenever possible."

"So you do want the publicity," she says with a tease.

"Yes that's exactly what I meant, Ms. V-I mean, Vicki."

"Who am I to turn down quality champaign and a chance to rub elbows with New York's elite."

I finish the last sip in my glass. "I see I'm not the only multitasker. And here I thought I would be enough of a story for tonight."

"A good reporter is always on the hunt for the next juicy piece of news. And in a crowd like this, her reporter-senses are always tingling."

"Fair enough," I say with a smile as I take a sip of water. Need to keep my head clear, for a little while longer, at least. please, let’s hear a wonderful round of applause for our Benefactor of the Year: Mr. Vandal Savage!”

The clapping of hands fills the hall. I stand and give a short wave as I walk on the stage to take my place behind the podium. I shake the speaker’s hand as I take the small award in my other.

Thank you Madam Chairman. And thanks to everyone here as well for helping to support such an important cause. Mutant Rights. Those two words have a lot of meaning, don’t they. The idea that people with special abilities and extraordinary powers should be treated the same as every other person.”

Well, I’m here to say, that I don’t believe in Mutant Rights.” There’s a slight murmur in the crowd. “No...I believe in Human Rights. And mutants...ARE human.” The murmurs quickly become a short round of applause.

Mutants didn’t just suddenly appear from nowhere. They were born. To human mothers and fathers. They’re our children. They’re us.” More applause.

So, when I hear someone say that mutants needs rights, my response? They already have them. And what we have to do is make sure that those with anti-mutant sentiment stop trying to take those rights away!”

A thunder of applause quickly turns into a standing ovation. I wave to the audience with both hands, and then turn to shake the chairwoman’s hand as she steps up to thank and congratulate me.

I glance over to Ms. Vale, who looks to have a knowing smirk on her face. She tips her glace towards me, and I give her a wink.

Damn, I’m good...


Graydon Creed steps into the back of the limo, escorted from the latest meeting of the Friends of Humanity. The smile plastered on his face told the whole story, that of another successful meeting of riled up supporters. A little more of a push, and he could have whipped them into a frenzy. Just like he could whip every crowd into one.

But that’s not what Graydon needs right now. Not yet. Not when so many people with power are still completely blind to the truth and danger of the freaks that are allowed to walk the planet. The last thing Creed needed was to give those sympathizers and their puppets the excuse to raid and arrest real patriots. The Friends would get their day soon enough.

Impressive meeting tonight, Mr. Creed.”

Graydon leans forward and opens the minibar, pulling out a couple of choice items. “You should come to more of them. I’m good at what I do.”

No thanks.”

Mutie sympathizer?” Graydon asks as he fills a glass.

What I believe is irrelevant. All that matters is what your benefactor believes.”

And what is that, Mr. Decker?”

Decker pulls a large envelope from his jacket pocket and hands it to Creed. Creed opens and flips through the bills inside.

I see he believes a lot.” He pulls out a slip of paper. “And this?”

A few names your benefactor thought you might find useful. He knows that you have a particular interest in...hunting.”

Well, there is some ‘wildlife’ in these parts that need to be kept in check.”

Ever the sportsman?”

A man should take some pride and pleasure in his calling.”

Decker buttons up his jacket and reaches for the door. “Well, you’ll find that the names on that list are more than willing to supply you with the necessary equipment for your hunts. And they understand how...pesky the various laws can be for people who just want to protect themselves.”

Well, tell your employer that the Friends of Humanity is very grateful for his contributions. I’m sure we’ll put this to good use.”

That’s all he asks.” Decker exits the limo and Creed smiles as he sips the last of his drink. He pushes a button on his armrest.

Home, sir?” The driver asks.

...No. The office. There’s work to be done.”

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