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Default Re: Create your own Batman villain

I think this would be a cool idea. Say if someone like Harvey bullocks cousin is in town and he too is a detective. Harvey tries to show him a good time when Commishoner gordon tells him that people have been complaining about a jokeresque character at a fundraiser bruce wayne is throwing at his mansion. Bullock takes his cousin and heads to the fundraiser. They arrive and enter to see almost everyone unconsious on the ground and they find a gas tank that was full of a knock out type of gas with an image of the joker stuck to it. Suddenley the jokeresque character stabs bullock in the sholder with a razor bladed joker card . Bullocks cousin then fights with this lunatic and ends up being thrown through a door where wayne and a few others are hiding. Wayne slips away to the batcave and puts on the suit. The joker type character announces that he has set bombs all over the mansion and they are set to blow in half an hour unless batman can save his hostage in which he takes bullocks cousin and heads to his secret hideout and batman follows. They arrive at the joker cobycats hideout where batman finds bullocks cousin hanging above a vat of a toxic liquid. batman has an ongoing fight with the copy cat where he ends up holding him in the air and says the words " you're just a copy cat." where the lunatic replies "Exactly" he then presses a button and everywhere he said he had bombs had suddonly just launched a bunch of balloons and confetti he then runs at bullocks cousin and grabs onto him. He cuts the rope and they fall into the vat. Bullocks cousin yells help but Batman is helpless as the hideout starts fallling apart for some reason (maybe actual bombs hidden there) Anyway batman flees the scen. The police arive and break the vat open where a mis-shapen body falls out. the police help it up and we then see the copy cat and bullocks cousins faces jon into one and he looks like a grim looking serial gothic clown type characer. The cops look shocked as he then starts to tear them apart. The character would become obsessed with the joker and have a grudge against batman for not saving him ( he could replace jojkers role) He would be super intelligent and super insane. he would have varied strenght and have a dark presence within gotham. he could eventually come face to face with batman but bullock tries to stop him which ends up with him killing bullock. His name could be something dark like Necrocorpius or something like that and would eventually hold gothams life at his fingertips

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