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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 1

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
Then why hang around here. You're not exited for it and you're not interested in the movie. Why post in a thread about a project you don't like when the only thing you like about it is the composer? A composer isn't going to singlehandedly make a movie good for you, or make it rewatchable.
I never said I don't like the project. Just that I'm extremely, extremely apprehensive about it. I come here looking for news, and hope. Just because I'm often the only one on the board not frothing at the mouth about this movie doesn't mean I have less of a right to be here. And a composer CAN make a movie good for me, as I mentioned in my long post. And for me, Henry Jackman is now as irreplaceable in the First Class universe as Michael Fassbender.

In a way, there's a certain amount of symbolism involved in the composer decision. If Singer goes with Ottman, to me it shows a complete disregard XMFC and what made XMFC work. If he goes with Jackman it will restore a LOT of my faith in this sequel, as it will show to me that he DOES respect what came before him, and that the main focus should be on perpetuating the stories and feel of First Class, not on the things he was last director of. He needs to prove to us that this is not going to be "Wolverine and the Old X-Men, with special guest stars Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy". Shaking things up and hiring the composer he doesn't usually work with is a huge start.

A bit harsh! I think blueserenity simply wants some of the freshness and energy of First Class to continue into DoFP rather than Singer reverting to previous collaborations and getting stuck in the past (Superman Returns anyone?). There was similar worry on here about the returning costume designer. Comic book movies have come a long way in the past few years and need a dynamic approach rather than simply returning to what was done on X2.
Thanks X-Maniac. That is exactly right.

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