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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 1

Singer deserves some credit for First Class as well... It's not like he had no involvement and now he's coming back to stake a claim on his territory. He was a supportive producer for Vaughan and was happily serving that role again for this film before Vaughan left the project.

If Singer has a better working relationship with a different composer, then I'd rather him go with what works for him that try to stick to some arbitrary formula. There's no point in Singer directing it at all if he's just supposed to pretend to be Matthew Vaughan... and in that same veign, it's naive for you to assume that ANY change is Singer screwing with the formula. As the man who succesfully brought the X-Men to the big screen in the first place, with 2 films and in an era when succesful superhero films weren't that common, I'd say he deserves a little more faith... Especially considering how much faith your putting in a composer who, apart from First Class, has an otherwise bland record.

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