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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Good god, LokiD, why would Marvel try to create a byzantine plot like that which is (a) too complicated and (b) so far away from canonical Jan --- either 616 or Ultimate --- and then try to attach it to a cameo in a movie that is titled "IRON MAN 3.....?"

Stop trying to overthink these things. People go to Iron Man movies to see Iron Man. Nobody....but nobody....wants to go to an Iron Man sequel and watch some long, drawn-out subplot that involves some chick that the general audience doesn't even know trying to track down clues to the disappearance of her ex who isn't even slated to appear in the MCU until 2015.....???

Again: this is "IRON MAN 3," *not* "Ant-Man: Prologue." some bizarre chance, Szostak does indeed wind up playing Janet Van Dyne, I can almost guarantee you that she'll have no more than 3-5 minutes of screen time, and there'll be nary a hint that she will become The Winsome Wasp at some point in the MCU future, nor even that she's attached to the Ant-Man story at all.

This movie is about Iron Man getting "back to his cave," taking on the terrorist leader known as Mandarin, having the Extremis experiment go horribly wrong, sort out his relationship with Pepper Potts, and deal with his frenemy Col. James Rhodes, who is himself juggling an identity crisis involving War Machine and Iron Patriot.

There is absolutely no place left inside an already jam-packed subplot buffet to try to introduce the Hank and Janet Show in such a bizarre and twisted and bloated manner that would not only confuse the hell out of general audiences, but dedicated Avenger fanboys like myself as well.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Just to make it shorter
Well we wouldn't even know it's her for the whole movie, and Pym is sort of thrown into the mix during the credits but we wouldn't actually see him.

I realize it's confusing the way I lay things out and sometimes there's hidden double meaning... however this would all go along with what I'm saying about them being part of a bigger world now and they just don't know it.

These movies are being planned to be a lot bigger...

There is an AI subplot in this movie and a controlling things subplot.

Part of Ant Man's story has already played out.
Because Ant Man occurs in the past.
That's the only reason you think her character may be strange right now.
Something happened that we're not supposed to know until Ant Man actually comes out. We're not supposed to know it's her until the credits and it sets up a further mystery element... almost to generate intrigue in the characters with the general audience...

She's trying to stop the technology, which hasn't become fully self aware yet. Ultron technically wouldn't be complete...AIM steals Stark's AI network design and Mandarin's own evil technology becomes self aware.
Way further down the line is when everything would be revealed and she would grow into a leader....

But Stark doesn't even know what shes doing yet... The whole point is that she has a mind of her own separate from Hank... Once revealed and her character is furthered her role in IM3 may retroactively be a lot more clear, so the way you interpret the movie may all change after Avengers 2... and some of this may be true for the other movies as well. the thing about this is that it wouldn't be fully explained until Ant Man acts as a prequel to almost the whole series... at least the modern parts of it starting sometime in the 80s when AIM got started..

The whole reason for the plan to address where Pym has gone is because Wasp's character seems pretty much set to appear before him, and Marvel/Whedon seem set on using her. More or less another rough plan exists to bring the character of Wasp into Avengers 2 and my source has even seen concept art and all that helping them decide how to make her look in Avengers 2... There was a very Waspy plan to Avengers and there is a very Waspy plan in action for Avengers 2, Whedon was trying to drop us all hints. They actually got to the script stage in early Avengers drafts with Wasp in the story. That's key.

The plans can always change and I've seen different scenarios, but the gist of what they're going for seems to be to set up some mystery for where Pym is. And then finally reveal it all in Ant Man, after Avengers 2.
They want to present Pym a certain way too I'm sure, but I know more about Wasp so some of this is me speculating to try to figure things out for myself.

Even though there's test footage, the actor playing Pym won't be announced/revealed because its not set and he's a bigger part of Ant Man. it was easier to find someone to play Wasp because they don't have to lead the movie and have a lot of other plans for her.

Well as I've said that's only one of the concepts, the basic idea is she grows into a leader over time.

There's a few different ways they could bring them into it, but the main thing is that Wasps role will likely become that of a sort of field leader who settles disputes between the others.
It's their idea to make Wasp a big part of this and always has been.

We're not supposed to know what she's doing.
And like everything Jan would be sort of a mixture of 616 and ultimates and other incarnations, she actually wants to be in the battles whereas Pym doesn't at first.
A lot of other aspects of the character are completely what you'd expect, the Ant Man movie sets up their powers and all that, so the fact they already have powers and we don't know who they are completely yet, and Pym is missing makes the general audience need to see Ant Man as part of the plan. The thing is Ant Man is now set to explain some other things in a prequelish way. It may be Pym looking back on the name Ant Man, completely accepting it after Lang dies...

I'm not overthinking, I've just got two heads working on it and too much information coming from my source. Some of it winds up mixed and it's not on purpose.

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